Where could you be in three months? The first good night’s sleep you get to enjoy does absolute wonders for your frame of mind and your physical wellbeing. By making it a goal to sleep better night by night – and not just hoping for it to happen – you’ll make progress week on week. Not every night will be perfect and wonderful. Aim to go to bed by 9pm three nights of the week out of seven. As you become accustomed to how much better you feel, aim to increase that to four, then five.

Imagine how you’ll feel in three months’ time, after achieving far greater overall sleep time than you were previously accustomed to.

If you are currently used to sleeping just 6 hours a night and you increase that to 8 on five out of seven nights a week for twelve weeks, then that’s already a 120-hour overall achievement in that period!!

Healthy behaviours turn into long-term habits. Treat your body to an early night and notice the improvements in your mental outlook, your cognitive clarity and your physical comfort.