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"I love my sleep kit"

"Thanks so much to you and Jess for all your help. 

I have been having trouble sleeping for about seven years and had resorted to using sleeping pills. I knew this was really bad for my health so I was looking for a natural alternative.

I have tried so many things for example, magnesium, hypnotherapy, herbal pills and nothing worked so I was a little bit reluctant to try your sleep kit but it has worked a dream (no pun intended)...I love my sleep kit!........I feel it is almost like a miracle I met you and Jess that day at Eumundi markets. Your fantastic products have literally changed my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" ........


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"Would not hesitate to recommend it"

"I have used the sleep oil and the body oil and have found them to be very effective. I have suffered with lack of sleep for many years, I find using the oil on my pillow helps me get to sleep easily and I feel it gives me a better sleep for the night.
This is a great product and I am sure I will continue to use it and would not hesitate to recommend it to friends.....

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"Who knew it could be that easy"

“Pillow Spray has been just what we needed, a little help to settle into bedtime. My boys (3 and 6) take it in turns to spray it on the pillows and they clamber into bed, sniffing and smiling! It’s made a world of difference to them actually wanting to go to bed, just to perform this nightly ritual. Who knew it could be that easy?”

John & Mel Sharpe, Hamilton, Brisbane

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Help for mum and baby

"......I found it very hard to switch off and go to sleep when she settled into a feeding pattern...... After discovering The Australian Sleep Co products at the Eumundi Markets, I bought the night oil and ultimate sleep blend. I use the sleep blend in a diffuser in the living room from about 6 o’clock at night which seems to make everyone more chilled including my husband once he gets home from work. Baby goes to sleep around 7pm and when I go to bed around 9pm, I use a hanky with a few drops of night oil on it, tucked into my pyjama sleeve. I can still get up if my daughter needs me but now I don’t stress over every little noise she makes. Can’t believe the difference it’s made to all of us!”

Stacy Meares, Caboolture

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"No more waking at 3am"

“My wife and I have had trouble waking and sleeping at the dreaded 3am time. We met you and were impressed with your explanation and sleep product range. We bought and tried the wonderful Pillow Spray, found the smell beautiful and were sleeping through which is wonderful........

sleep remedy treatment for insomnia

Thank you"

Scott B

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"My Sleep has improved immensely"

"I first came across the Ultimate Sleep Blend oil when I went to the Eumundi Markets. I am a bad insomniac and have tried various oils to use in my diffuser but none have really helped....... I have been using the oil every night in my diffuser since June 29th. I love the smell, it is a very calming blend and my sleep has certainly improved immensely. So thank you to all at The Australian Sleep Co."
Kim R

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"Pillow spray, where were you when I was studying"

“Pillow Spray, where were you when I was studying??!! Honestly, I can’t believe the difference the spray makes! I finished uni last year and would have gone through bottles of it. Now that I’m working full time, I use it to help me fall asleep and it works every single time. I spray it on my hair and pillowcase and even my partner says when he smells it, he starts yawning! HAHA!”

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"It works like an absolute charm"

“I’ve been using all three products for a few weeks now and though I didn’t really have problems falling asleep, my issue was switching off my mind........It works like an absolute charm! I fall asleep without ‘busy mind’ and don’t even remember falling asleep......I recommend your products to friends and family..."



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"I'd be lost without these glorious oils"

“I’d be lost without these glorious oils! Thank goodness I encountered your stand at the Eumundi Markets. Not only did you solve my jet lag (which I was struggling with) but since returning home to Canada, I’ve been using them nearly every night. Thank you so much!”

Gisele Marchant, Quebec, Canada

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