If your days are going by in a blur, it’s time to assess how that’s working for you. Are you achieving what you need to? Or are you constantly chasing your tail?

A gentle spritz of The Australian Sleep Co Pillow Spray can be a wonderful tool to keep on hand. When you notice your body’s internal revs are running high, sit yourself down, apply a couple of shots of Pillow Spray into the air around you, close your eyes and take at least two minutes to inhale deeply and regroup. A calm you is a productive - and healthier - you.

Think how much more effective your study sessions would be if you slept well. Imagine going to work and not feeling like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. How much better do you like the way you look and feel when you're well rested?

It's time to take stock of your sleeping regime and give yourself a break. Pushing your limits to be more productive is actually counter-productive.