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Drawing on years of experience and scientific evidence, The Australian Sleep Co offers you a natural range of Australian made and owned remedies that can safely help you have a better sleep.

By working with a scientist and a naturopath, we created a range of products with the best plant extracts, compounds and essential oils that have shown their individual effectiveness to help to switch off our day time hormones, quieten the mind and activate our night time hormones.

Our specially formulated Fast Asleep® range contains a super blend of essential oils, plant extracts and compounds and can be used in a number of ways for all those suffering from insomnia.

We guarantee a pure product without any synthetic fragrances, preservatives or additives, making it completely safe and proven effective for use from newborns to the elderly.

And they smell wonderful!

Discover our much loved sleep remedies today and join the thousands of our well rested clients as shown in our testimonial videos below. Fall asleep faster and awake refreshed. Shop Our Fast Asleep® Range for a perfect nights sleep.

"I'm so glad I found your products and bought your sleep kit. It has literally changed my life" Jeff T

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