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Finally, a natural, effective sleep solution!

The Australian Sleep Co is a company which focuses solely on developing and bringing you products which can safely and effectively help you sleep.

Drawing on years of experience and scientific evidence, we have created a range of natural but proven and unique sleep remedies to help alleviate your sleep difficulties and have you waking up feeling totally rested, refreshed and alive. 
At The Australian Sleep Co we worked with a scientist who understands the compounds in plants and their individual abilities to balance our sleeping and waking hormones to create our flagship range of proven and much loved sleep remedies. Just take a look at just some of our testimonial videos!
Our products contain our proprietary blend of the best plant extracts, compounds, and essential oils that have showed their individual qualities in their ability to switch off our day time hormones and activate our night time hormones, in addition, some of our ingredients are also targeted to help quieten a busy mind.
Our specially-formulated sleep products are completely safe, non-addictive and won’t leave you feeling drowsy or groggy in the morning unlike many pills or herbs.
At The Australian Sleep Co we know the possible adverse health effects of not having enough sleep and more importantly how a good nights sleep is imperative for good health and ultimately your happiness. 
At The Australian Sleep Co Our team are passionate about changing your sleep patterns for good.  
We are Australian made, safe, and proven effective for use for all ages from newborns to the elderly, male and female.
Become one of our happy and well rested clients who use our sleep remedies and who's sleeping difficulties are a thing of the past.
"I'm so glad I found your products and bought your sleep kit. It has literally changed my life"

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