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Sleep Tips and Tricks

At The Australian Sleep Co, we know how tired and frustrated you must be. Sleep deprivation is an awful thing, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve put together this list of helpful sleep tips that we recommend you follow, in addition to using our proven sleep remedy products.At least two hours prior to bedtime, try to turn off all down lights and white lights in the house. These can inhibit your production of sleep hormones. Instead, find some lamps perhaps from a secondhand store and set them with red or orange light bulbs which can be found at hardware stores or lighting retailers. The red and orange light will stimulate your bodies own production of sleep hormones and help to bring on that wonderful feeling of drowsiness.


In the evening, in your living area or in the area you spend your last hour before bed, use The Australian Sleep Co ultimate sleep blend essential oil in an oil burner or diffuser to assist this process and help create a sense of calm.

When you start to feel drowsy in the evening it is important to go to bed as soon as possible. We call this "catching the sleep wave" However on your way to the bedroom be aware of bright lighting, especially in the bathroom. It is a better idea to be prepared for this by having a small dim light or tea light candle ready in the bathroom so as not to switch off your bodies own sleep hormone production as exposure to bright lights will do.

A slightly cooler room is better for sleep as our bodies begin to produce sleep hormones when our core temperature drops.

Just before bed:

  1. Use our The Australian Sleep Co Night Oil on your temples inside of wrist, chest, neck and the arches of your feet. Many of our customers also love to use it on their face as it is also extremely moisturizing.
  2. To create a calming atmosphere, spritz your pillow and the top of your top sheet with The Australian Sleep Co Pillow Spray The unique blend of essential oil's in our pillow spray can also help to trigger your body's own natural sleep hormones and help to decrease your stress and switch off the busy mind. Focus on breathing through your nose.
  3. Use The Australian Sleep Co ultimate sleep blend essential oil. A little drop perhaps on the collar of your night shirt or on a tissue under the pillow slip.
  4. If you wake in the night you can sprinkle a little of The Ultimate Sleep Blend Essential Oil concentrate on a tissue and focus on breathing through your nose, or re spritz the top of your top sheet and the soles of your feet with our Pillow Spray. 
  5. When you are ready to go to sleep it is important to turn off all electrical appliances in the bedroom, at the wall, so as to limit to the amount of electromagnetic energy that is being distributed into the room from standby appliances like lamps, clock radios, televisions, computers, mobile phones etc as electromagnetic energy inhibits your sleep. This will also create a much healthier environment to sleep in and will greatly increase your chances of a deeper more regenerative sleep, whilst greatly improving your health at the same time.
  6. Try to go to bed at least eight hours prior to the time you wish to wake up. And try to keep it consistent each night. This can make a huge difference. It is also important not to spend too much time in bed, so therefore try to limit the amount of time in bed to about nine and a half hours.
  7. Exposure to sunlight for about 15 minutes in the morning will help to give you energy and ensures a better chance at having a better sleep that evening.
  8. Coffee alcohol, exercise and sugar in the evening can affect our sleep patterns. Many people who refrain from alcohol entirely for periods of time report a quality of sleep they have not experienced for many years. Additionally limiting all liquids for 1.5 hours before bed can greatly reduce your chances of waking in the night to go to the bathroom.
  9. It is a good idea to research ways to limit EMF disturbance in your bedroom. There are some products which can be purchased which can help.
  10. If browsing the web at night, it is a good idea to download an app that cuts the blue light from the screen after a certain hour of the day. This will help to encourage normal evening hormone production and would be especially healthy for children and teenagers.
  11. Many people wake during the night due to silent heartburn which is gas that comes up and wakes you in the night without warning. If you feel you may have heartburn without realising it you can consult your GP regarding what you can do. 
  12. A very many people wake during the night due to a blocked nose. If you do wake in the night ask yourself.... "Is my nose blocked?" if you think it could be causing you to wake in the middle of the night it is a great idea to use our Night Oil to give yourself a sinus clearing massage once or twice a week. To find out how to do this you can google "self massage for a blocked nose".
  13. Try listening to Audio books if your mind races too much while in bed. This is much better than switching on the TV or the light to read. There is also a great app called “smiling mind” that is great for beginners of meditation.

    The Australian Sleep Co product tip – Complete Sleep Kit

    Treat yourself to the Complete Sleep Kit  to give yourself the best chance of changing your sleeping habits for good, and so you can start to experience the best sleep you’ve had in years!

    If you have any questions or concerns, we would love to help you. Just email us or call and we would be happy to give you personalised attention. It is truly our passion to help you sleep better!

The Team at The Australian Sleep Co.

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