In this follow-up piece to part 1, we have even more tips to help you achieve better sleep in winter.

Keep the exercise happening

Winter doesn’t exactly inspire climbing out of bed to head to the gym when it’s dark, does it? But maintaining your exercise routine is important because it gets your blood pumping which warms you up, helps boost your immunity and keeps winter doldrums at bay. Oh and don’t forget, working out will also help you keep any winter flab from taking hold! Aim for a good 30 minutes each day and you’ll find it improves your sleep quality.

Don’t turn to food for ‘hibernation’

Over-eating because you think a good, heavy meal will sustain you through the night is counteractive. In fact, if you eat too much before bed, you’re more likely to experience indigestion, heartburn and sleep disturbance. Stick to your usual meals and try to keep higher carb content to earlier in the day. Those winter comfort foods are best enjoyed on weekends, particularly at breakfast and lunch.

Do what you can to stave off cold and flu

When you’re all stuffed up and coughing, sleep becomes an elusive old friend. As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”. If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it’s how to avoid germs such as with effective handwashing and using hand sanitiser. You can take extra steps such as wiping down gym equipment with sanitiser before and after using it, and avoiding touching things like escalator hand rests, elevator buttons and ATMs.

Consider seeing a naturopath at your local health food store about what vitamins you could be taking throughout winter, and decide whether you’d like to have a flu shot.

Rug up instead of overheating your home

When you’re cold, applying layers of clothing or bed linen can be better than turning to electric, gas or woodfire heating. Obviously you’ll want to warm up the house but avoid setting the heat too high. This can dry your skin (and eyes), cause a shock to the system as you move outside and also cost a lot in terms of energy prices. Now’s the time to invest in some cosy, fluffy socks, comfy slippers and a delicious winter dressing gown one size too big. Wear your winter jammies and even a beanie if your head feels cold. Dressing warmly means you’re warm wherever you go in your house, even to put on a load of washing or go to the garage to get something out of the car. Maintaining a constant body temperature helps you feel warm and toasty when you slip into bed.

Invest in a diffuser or humidifier

In winter, the air is typically drier – as you’d know when you go to brush your hair and the static electricity makes it almost impossible! Running a humidifier or diffuser in your room can help to keep the air moister. Even better if it has extra features like ambient lighting or it can be used with essential oils. Take a look at ours!

Take time to enjoy the cooler months

Remember how it feels to sweat it out in summer with the awful heat and humidity then count your blessings that winter is a reprieve from that. Switch your mindset to snuggling, wearing stylish winter clothes, indulging in the odd hot chocolate or hot toddy and explore outings that make you feel good.

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