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Our deep sleep Pillow Spray for sleep and insomnia, restless sleep, quiets the mind.

Pillow Spray for Deep Sleep 100ml

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The Australian Sleep Co Pillow Spray for Deep Sleep


Spray your linens and pyjamas

Pillow Spray provides a most effective way to quieten your busy mind while lowering your stress levels and encouraging the release of melatonin, your body’s hormone responsible for sleep. A wonderful way to prepare your body for deep sleep, simply spray a fine mist over your pillow, the tops of your bed linen and even your pyjamas and gently inhale through your nose. It won’t stain fabrics; it will create a restful sensory environment that, when combined with dim, non-white light or darkness, will help ease you into a calm and peaceful state.

Scientifically created using a specific blend of premium quality 100% Australian essential oils, Pillow Spray provides effective drug-free support for your racing mind, restlessness and inability to fall asleep.

Drug-free for more sustainable long-term benefits

Unlike medically prescribed sleep remedies, The Australian Sleep Co. Pillow Spray supports your body’s own ability to produce the appropriate nightly hormonal pattern that makes deep sleep possible, and enjoyable. Think of it as the ‘night switch’; helping to turn down the cortisol (stress hormone) and turn up the melatonin (sleep hormone), just as Nature intended. You’ll wake feeling refreshed, not drowsy or groggy, and ready to begin your brand new day.

Ingredients include: Supremely calming essential oils of Chamomile, bergamot, Lavender, Patchouli and sandalwood.

Extra tip: Spritz Pillow Spray over your hair, face and clothes when you feel extremely stressed or you’re experiencing anxiety such as at work, in crowds or in traffic. Take a few moments to consciously breathe and reflect.

Customer reviews:

“The sleep spray really helped me. My husband now asks me to spray his pillowcase. He mentioned this morning that he is sleeping better and waking fresher. Thank you so much for this product and helping others to lead better lives.”

Joy & Allan Spence

“My wife and I have had trouble waking and sleeping at the dreaded 3am time. We met you and were impressed with your explanation and sleep product range. We bought and tried the wonderful Pillow Spray, found the smell beautiful and were sleeping through which is wonderful. Thank you.”

Scott Breust  


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