Lavender oil is one of the most researched essential oils in terms of its effectiveness in helping people relax. Studies have shown that using lavender essential oils can be helpful in reducing blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate. It’s also believed to help improve mood and induce a feeling of relaxation.

What’s most important is using a 100% natural lavender essential oil. Using a synthetic version will not produce the same effects so when purchasing an essential oil, always read the label and make sure that you’re getting a pure and all-natural product.

Lavender oil is one of the predominant ingredients in The Australian Sleep Co.’s all-natural sleep essential oil products. You can enjoy the relaxing benefits of lavender by using either of our products, which all contain the same masterful blend of ingredients but in different delivery formats.

If you like to take baths, drop a few drops of Ultimate Sleep Blend in the water and inhale the beautiful aromas as you unwind. You can also sprinkle a couple of drops in the corner of your shower (not where you stand in case it’s a little slippery) and the vapours will waft upwards. Or, you can use Ultimate Sleep Blend in a diffuser such as the one we have in our shop.

Pillow Spray is a really delightful way to build bedtime rituals into your nightly routine. Spritz your pillows, pyjamas and the tops of your sheets and bed covers before climbing into bed. You can also use Pillow Spray at work, in traffic or while meditating as it helps to ease the mind.

To apply our essential oils to the skin, use Sleep Night Oil which is intended to be applied to pulse points. It contains camellia oil as the carrier oil so that you can massage it into your feet, temples, wrists or chest and the benefits of the essential oils will be transported through your body. It’s safe for babies, the elderly, even pets!

Get some lavender into your life for its lovely calming effects and enjoy drifting off to sleep with relaxing thoughts.