Bedtime often means something wickedly different on Valentine's Day but sleep is still the number one bedroom activity for us all the rest of the year! The gift of precious, sublime sleep is always appreciated and The Australian Sleep Co. products are always very well-received.

You can always parcel our Pillow Spray with some luxurious silk pillow cases or our Sleep Night Oil with some gorgeous, soft bed socks. Or, purchase our brilliant diffuser and some Ultimate Sleep Blend Essential Oil and treat your loved one to a warm bath with a couple of drops of oil in it. Follow it with a slow, loving massage with the diffuser's pretty pastel lights on in the corner of the room.

Our lovely sleep products are suitable for men and women so ladies, if you're finding it difficult trying to decide on a Valentine's gift for your man, we think he'll love them. Men particularly appreciate the Sleep Night Oil because they can rub a little on the soles of their feet, pop on some socks and let the chemistry do the trick.