The COVID-19 pandemic has caused high anxiety levels, hasn’t it? People are tired, uncertain, worried, concerned and very protective of their families. All of this is completely understandable, but at some point, we have to take time out to be calm.

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Remember that sleep is absolutely essential for good physical health, strong immunity and also good mental health. Our 100% natural and pure essential oils are designed to help quiet the mind so you can drift off to sleep.

COVID-19 isolation

While you’re in isolation at home, it’s a good idea to create defined times of day for high, medium and low activity. For most families, that will be high energy in the morning, easing to medium in the afternoon and levelling out to low in the evening. For shift workers – especially our precious frontline workers – it could be any time of day, which can be especially difficult to regulate.

Try a diffuser

One of the best ways for the whole family to benefit from our all-natural essential oils is to use them in our gorgeous essential oils diffuser. It changes between 7 different mood colours, gives out a gentle mist in three different output settings and can last for up to 16 hours. It’s auto shut-off feature gives you peace of mind that it’s a safe product to leave on overnight.

After dinner and the dishes are done, turn down the lights in your home, switch off news alerts and TV news programs and gather the family around to listen to calming music. Have the diffuser on in the room and encourage everyone to wind down, enjoy the soothing aromas and inhale calm.

Calming isolation activities

Sure, there’s TV, video games and social media. But how much calmer and more harmonious could your home be if you tried out a few of these ideas:

  • Baking – The sensory pleasures of baking a batch of cupcakes or muffins can’t be over-stated.
  • Board games – An oldie but a goodie. A bit of Scrabble never hurt anyone!
  • Scrapbooking – Nothing more complicated than going through magazines and cutting out pictures to create a mood board. Focus on different themes like travel, fashion, animals, food, home decorating, new home, favourite rock acts and so on. Stick them into any old book or onto a noticeboard.
  • Do each other’s hair or nails – You can’t go to a salon now anyway so treat each other to some painted nails or French braiding.
  • Read out loud – Take it in turns reading a book out loud, adding funny voices or try pretending to take it extra seriously and see if you can do it with a straight face.
  • Crosswords and Sudoku – Print puzzles that you find online and do them together as a family.
  • Learn a new skill – There are YouTube tutorials for practically anything! Learn how to knit, crochet, speak a new language, re-grout your bathroom, do origami, give a massage, dance and so much more.
  • Write a letter – The mail is still getting through! Imagine how lovely it would be to receive a hand-written letter from someone across the world. Write one to receive one.
  • Yoga – Some gentle stretching exercises and poses will feel good. You don’t have to be an expert.
  • Colour in – Again, you can download colouring pages from the Internet. Colouring in can be incredibly therapeutic.

Most of these COVID-19 isolation activities can be done by the light of your lovely essential oil diffuser. You can use any pure essential oils so if you have others at home, give them a try. For your nightly wind-down, however, we obviously recommend our beautiful sleep essential oils.

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