1. Sleep is good for your memory – When you’re sleep deprived, you probably notice that you don’t think straight and you have problems remembering simple things. A good night’s sleep can make a big difference!
  2. Sleep can help fight sugar cravings – Lack of sleep and poor quality sleep can mess with your hormones. When you’re tired, your body needs to find easy-access energy somewhere and so you may notice you reach for sugary, high-carb foods.
  3. Sleep keeps your immunity on track – When you sleep, your immune system releases proteins whose job it is to fight off colds, flus and other nasties. That’s why your doctor always tells you to rest up when you’re sick.
  4. Sleeping is when your body heals – When your body and mind are at rest, your brain actually goes into full work mode. It releases hormones that repair blood vessels and encourage tissue growth. Not only is sleep good for healing wounds and injuries, it’s what you need to repair muscles that you’ve worked out during the day.
  5. Sleeping well regulates blood pressure – Quality, restful sleep – and plenty of it – helps keep your blood pressure under control.
  6. Sleep reduces stress and anxiety – Unfortunately, stress and anxiety can cause insomnia which in turn, creates more stress and anxiety. This is why trying to make sure you get adequate sleep all the time but particularly in stressful times is so important.
  7. Sleep makes you happy – Well this one seems like a no-brainer. We all love a good night’s sleep! Again, it’s the hormone regulation. When we sleep well, our hormones can do their jobs without hindrance. Melatonin (the sleep hormone) works as it should and you wake up feeling refreshed and happy.
  8. Sleep is essential for good skin – ‘Beauty sleep’ is not a myth. When you sleep, your body gets busy sending important fluids to your organs and any tissues that need replenishing. Be sure to go to bed with clean, moisturised skin for best results.
  9. Sleep is good for your mental health – Depression and anxiety are mentally exhausting. When you sleep well, your brain gets to deal with a lot of information it’s taken on during the day and help reset to start a new day. It’s not a cure for mental illness but it’s a very important element of striving towards better mental health.