Now that winter has set in - and wow, hasn't it been unexpectedly chilly? - one of the best things you can do to feel cosy is to use a diffuser. Of course we recommend our very special The Australian Sleep Co Essential Oil Diffuser, for reasons we'll outline below. You can use it with our beautiful sleep essential oils or for other aromatherapy oils as required.

Snuffly noses are common at this time of year and sometimes a decongestant essential oil can be all you need to unblock and refresh the sinuses. Pop a couple of drops in the diffuser and look forward to breathing more easily.

The diffuser is also a great way to add comforting, warming fragrance to your home without the risks associated with naked flames like candles. Some of our customers say that just seeing the vapours rising from their diffuser makes them feel warmer and cosier and they simply rug up with an extra layer of clothing or wrap a shawl or blanket around their bodies. Imagine saving lots of money on your heating bill thanks to a sweet little psychological fix like this. (Naturally if you're really cold, you'll need extra warmth but for us here on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, thick blankets and woolly socks are rarely needed.)

A diffuser will also help to add a bit of humidity to your space. Winter is typically dry and you'll notice this in the static when you brush your hair or when you get zapped by touching a metal door knob or window frame. If you really want to go for the serious equipment, a humidifier will add much greater humidity to your space but for most situations, a diffuser will provide sufficient comfort.

Why The Australian Sleep Co Essential Oil Diffuser?

We like to think it's the 'Rolls Royce' of diffusers. You can buy really cheap ones but they won't have the 'bells and whistles' ours does. Simply add maximum 500ml of cold water to the chamber, a few drops of your favourite essential oil (our sleep oils if you want the most beautiful night's sleep) and switch on. Here are the features you'll love if you grab one of ours:

  • Large 500ml capacity.
  • It offers 14 hours of uninterrupted misting time! It'll definitely get you through a whole night's sleep, and then some.
  • It can display 7 different LED colours, all lovely and soft, all to suit your mood. Choose the red spectrum colours to relax the mind and boost natural melatonin levels for improved sleep, or the blue spectrum to stimulate and refresh.
  • The mist output is higher than what you'll find with cheap diffusers.
  • The auto shut-off is a safety feature you shouldn't be without.
  • BPA free
  • It has 3 timer settings so you can choose for how long the diffuser operates (or simply select auto shutoff so that when the water runs dry, it stops).

If you've been considering buying a humidifier for the colder months of the year, think instead about buying a diffuser. The amount of moisture output is much less with a diffuser but you're not meant to put essential oils in a humidifier. For this reason, we think you'll get far better bang for buck in buying a diffuser which you can use throughout the year. In summer, you can use refreshing, citrusy or minty fragrances to keep the air smelling fresh, cool and inviting.