Sometimes this question has more to do with bed partners disagreeing on whether pets should sleep in the same bed as them. It could be the simplest natural sleep remedy of all. But if you’re wondering whether it has a bearing on the quality of sleep you’ll get, you might be surprised to know that it can actually be very beneficial.

The Mayo Clinic in the US performed a small study and found that sleeping in the same room with a pet may actually lead to a more restful night. Meanwhile, sleeping in the same bed can have an adverse effect on sleep quality.

Many humans find they enjoy a sense of peace and security when they have their pets close by. The vast majority of pet owners consider their ‘fur babies’ their children. No one would turf their child out to sleep alone in the laundry or outdoors! But consider reading this: Can a cuddle pillow help you sleep better?

Evidently, on the subject of dogs, it doesn’t even matter if the pooch is a St. Bernard or a miniature fox terrier, unless they’re trying to compete for space in a bed! Experts suggest that if you want your dog or cat to sleep in the same room, you should create a little bed for him or her, on the floor. You can indulge your parental instincts by adding favourite toys and blankets and positioning their bed within view of your own.

For humans who suffer from asthma, other respiratory conditions or pet allergies, dogs and cats should not be allowed in the bedroom at all.

Keep in mind that, as much as you love them and accept them for all their odd little odours, behaviours and antics, dogs and cats carry a range of bacteria and parasites. While the risks of transference to humans is low, it still bears considering that they are greater when in close contact for extended periods of time.

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Dogs are active for about 20 percent of the night. Even if you don’t wake up from your dog’s activity, it can still cause sleep disturbance for you, resulting in tiredness the next day.

Ultimately, the experts think the benefits of sleeping with your pet outweigh the risks. But if you find your sleep quality is being impacted, then it could be time to put your fur baby to bed in another room or part of the house.