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The Australian Sleep Co Essential oil diffuser with cool mist and 7 co

The Australian Sleep Co Essential oil diffuser with cool mist and 7 colour led lights

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Electric Diffuser for essential oils.

Up to huge14 hour misting time.

Safe non heating oil diffuser.

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Large 500ml capacity (14 hrs uninterrupted misting time) Colour changing.

Can display 7 different LED colours from the one unit.

Very high mist output

Auto shut off. BPA Free

This ultrasonic diffuser is a cool mist vaporiser that disperses essential oil in 100% purest form so the beneficial plant compounds from our "Fast asleep"™  ultimate essential oil blend can be easily inhaled and absorbed by the body. The high-mist output also releases negative ions that purify the air and assist in the removal of dust, germs and air-borne bacteria.

A unique LED light function rotates through a series of beautiful relaxing colours and can be set to your specific needs. The warm, red spectrum colours relax the mind and help boost natural melatonin levels for deep sleep, whilst the cool blue spectrum colours will stimulate and refresh.

With large 500ml capacity, 3 timer settings and auto shut off when empty, the diffuser can operate safely for up to 14 hours in your living area or bedroom to create a clean, relaxing environment and allow you to enjoy the health & sleep benefits of pure essential plant oils. This healthy diffuser is also BPA free. 

Dimensions approx 15 cm wide by 13 cm high.

Recommended for use with our Fast asleep™ Ultimate Sleep Blend Essential Oil for amazing results.

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