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The Australian Sleep Co’s exclusive formula is a blend of the most proven essential oils and plant extracts to help promote deep sleep.

Our sleep range consists of 3 effective products which contain our totally unique formula of the top 7 plant extracts and potent compounds we believe are the ultimate for inducing deep sleep. These plant extracts have been carefully blended and cold pressed to make our sleep formula, which when inhaled or applied to your skin can help to lower your stress hormone levels, switch off your busy mind, help to encourage the production of your sleep hormones and promote deep and therapeutic sleep.

Not to mention they smell wonderful as well.

We have the sleep remedies you need to help find your way back to a normal and natural sleeping routine. Presented in three different formats which complement each other – or to suit the way you prefer to use them – and all featuring premium quality and natural ingredients, they can be used in a range of environments. If you have been having difficulties for some time, why not try our Complete sleep kit and use all 3 products together to kickstart a much better sleep routine.

Treat your insomnia, restless legs syndrome, anxiety or simple over-tiredness effectively and without side effects and wake up feeling energized and refreshed.

Suitable for babies, children and adults.