Do you want to go to bed early but think you'll miss out on great TV? Do you stay up late watching YouTube videos on your iPad, in bed? Yeah, that's bedtime FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). We sometimes do have to be reminded that an early bedtime is not a punishment but a wonderful, healthy thing to do for our bodies and minds.

Try these 3 steps:
1. Pop some Ultimate Sleep Blend in an oil burner half an hour before bedtime.
2. Go to bed early (say, 9pm).
3. Turn off all tech in your bedroom, close the curtains, get into bed and close your eyes.

It's actually easy. And you know all those times when you wish you could curl up in a cosy corner at work and just shut your eyes for 20 minutes? Flip that sentiment to bedtime, and think how much better your own bedroom is. Who wouldn't want to go to bed?!

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