“I’ve been using all three [sleep kit] products for a few weeks now and though I didn’t really have problems falling asleep, my issue was switching off my mind. I’ve been in the habit for a long time of watching TV to unwind and basically passing out with the TV still on. I knew it was unhealthy but to try and close my eyes and fall asleep without that stimulus didn’t seem to work for me. I like to use each of the Australian Sleep Co’s products variously. If I’m having an afternoon nap, I use the Pillow Spray, close my eyes and breathe gently. When I feel like reading before bed, I use the Ultimate Sleep Blend in my oil burner because I enjoy the fragrance. But my favourite is the Night Oil! I have sleep apnoea so I can’t use it the aromatherapy way. I apply it to the soles of my feet and put socks on and a tiny bit around my nostrils (I use a nasal sleep mask). It works like an absolute charm! I fall asleep without ‘busy mind’ and don’t even remember falling asleep. What I like most about the products is that I now associate the fragrance with sleep. It tells my body it’s bedtime. I find it relaxing, calming and soothing and I recommend your products to friends and family.”

– Gina Lofaro, Grange, Brisbane, QLD