Who knew that using a top sheet would become so uncool? It seems millennials believe that when it comes to bed linen, top sheets are superfluous to their needs. It’s why you see so many bed linen retailers offering sheets separately now, instead of as a nice, neat set. Leave it to a millennial to make a bed and they’ll throw on the fitted sheet and finish off with a doona. Whyyyy?

The case against top sheets

Ok so they make a bit of sense. Top sheets mean more work when making the bed. Fair enough, but when you’re only changing the sheets every week or two weeks, it’s not that much effort. It could also be argued that washing another sheet is less environmentally friendly. We’re not buying that one. There’s also the excuse that having a top sheet is annoying because bodies get tangled up in them. Ha! Too high maintenance? Nope. Others say that it totally defeats the point of having a nice doona.

The case for top sheets

That gorgeous doona will last a lot longer if it doesn’t have to be washed every time the bed linen is changed. Not washing the doona cover is unthinkable. All that sweat, makeup and skin cells have to go somewhere. So if the cover has to be washed, it’s no more environmentally friendly than washing a top sheet. And if extra work is the main detractor, how about all that fiddling and fussing over putting the doona insert back into the cover? As for becoming entangled, how is it different to getting wrapped up in a doona that isn’t tied down to anything such as a nice top sheet tucked in under the mattress?

Top sheets are just another of life’s choices. No shade to those who use them or don’t use them. Do what feels right for you. After all, sleep quality is what really matters and everything else is up to the user!